Marine Xped consist of former Royal Marine Commandos officers and ranks who have all served since the early 1990s with experience in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan be it war, humanitarian, peace keeping etc.


Our team of Military specialists consists of

  • Snipers
  • Mountain Leaders
  • Physical Training Instructor
  • Logistic specials
  • Strategic specialists
  • Communication specialists
  • Combat survival specialists


The development of individual professionalism, the team building processes, and the mind set required first established at Commando Training Centre RM then enhanced in the Desert, the Arctic and the Jungle have been the corners stones of the Royal Marines.   The result is a capable organisation that at both the individual and collective ends of the spectrum can operate anywhere in world, in any condition achieving successful results.


Our mind set, our skill set and our methods of leadership will improve you whether you are an individual, in business or preparing for an expedition.  We will give you the personal tools to succeed not only to attain your ambitions and to keep moving forward.


It is not about us – IT IS ABOUT YOU

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