About Us


Chris Craven is a  former Royal Marine Commando who now lives and works in the South West of England.

From a young age, Chris has been drawn to the more adventurous pursuits becoming a keen rock climber and mountaineer, cave diver and now single-handed sailor.  Chris specialises in the minimalist approach on the sole basis that firstly there is less to go wrong and secondly less if any others to worry about.  He has conducted expeditions to Greenland, North Americas deserts, climbed extensively in the Alps.  Other areas of operation include Norway, Cyprus, the Med, Middle East, Africa, Brunei and the Arctic.  Chris is a commercially qualified Yachtmaster and Advanced Powerboat operator.

For the past 13yrs, Chris has been the Managing Director of Westcountry Access Ltd, a difficult access company who operate in the Nuclear Industry.  Here the skills developed within the marines coupled with those life experiences gained from traveling in the lesser frequented areas of the work have enable the development of safe systems of work in some of the most hostile industrial environments.


Dan Craven is Chris’s son.  In his teens, Dan completed the 35, 45 and 55 mile routes of the challenging Ten Tors on Dartmoor. He has the RYA PBL2 qualification, Dan has been on many micro expeditions within upland and mountainous areas and is a competent Alpine skier. 

Daniel is a qualified engineer who applies his technical knowledge to the situation whether it be to do with kit choice, kit use or planned intentions and can assess the likelihood of success and where required advise on alternatives. 


Marine Xped is a part of Westcountry Access Ltd whose aim is to provide the customer with good quality kit that is not only simple to use but has a robustness to remain functional in the true wildernesses of the world and last the duration – buy once last a lifetime if looked after.

We aim to provide the tools to assist with the development of individual professionalism and the mind set required to function in all the wild environments of the world including  Desert, Mountain, Arctic and  Jungles.

 We aim to  give you the tools to succeed not only to attain your current ambitions and to keep moving forward.


It is not about us – IT IS ABOUT YOU