Cost – £795.00 pp


Duration – 5 Days Basic.  Further coaching sessions may be advised but after 5 days you will know where you stand.


Location – Dartmouth, South Devon.


The Experience – We have developed a series of training programs that will give you the personal administration skills to maximise your success going through the selection process.


My story – C Craven

“After school, I was at a complete loose end.  Yes, I had academic qualifications and yes I had been given careers advice but I was very apprehensive about where I was going, what I was going to do.   


One day and I really don’t know why because it wasn’t planned, I wandered into the Navy and Royal Marines Careers Office in Plymouth and rather sheepishly blurted out “I want to join the Royal Marines.”  A man in full uniform looked at me, possibly thinking – here’s another one and led me over to a desk.  Four months later I started training and 9 months after that I was posted to my first unit as a Royal Marine Commando. 


Years later I tried to work out what was the attrition rate, how many people tried to join but failed.  When taking into account the quantity of individuals that walked into the careers office and those that passed training I came up with a figure that in reality only 1 in 100 gets through the whole process from start to finish.  Recently a TV advert appeared to verify this by stating 99.9% of people need not apply.


Whether there is any actual truth in this I do not know but what I do know is that I started training with 72 individuals and 30 weeks later there were only 17 of us left.  That is a fact!.  What happened to the other 55 – quite simple they failed to keep up with the pace.  They went elsewhere. They did something else.”


I have never looked back

The education system does what it says on the can, it educates you but really only academically.  There is still a long learning process ahead.  Life learning.  I am now an employer, and I first and foremost look at the person not their academic record.  The biggest question I ask myself during a job interview is – Does this person have potential?


What does our Getting Started Program do?

Well it’s simple we give you the skills, develop the mind set for you to maximise your potential, to not just get your foot in the door but to keep moving forward.  Our aims are to develop your personal administration, to build confidence in yourself as not just a person but an asset.  To give you the life tools to succeed.

The programs are adapted to the specific individual, YES YOU.


You will learn the following:

  • Personal admin – looking after yourself
  • Interview technique – how to answer and what to ask
  • Presentation – you
  • Confidence building – standing tall
  • Attitude – expectations and considerations
  • Physical and mental well being
  • Situational awareness
  • Team work and leadership
  • Practical skills
  • Initiative, flexibility and adaptability
  • Command and Control


Passing on our knowledge, experience, mind set and method to you will give you the best chance to get off the starting blocks.  It’s then up to you how far and how fast you run.  What we can say at this moment in time is that if you enrol, by the end of the course you will be prepared and in the competitive process of selection, you will stand out as having the potential.

Kit Required

What you will need to bring:
  • ParQ & Disclaimer forms
  • Appropriate footwear (walking boots/sturdy trainers)
  • Appropriate walking trousers/tracksuit bottoms (comfortable, lightweight)
  • Jumper/Fleece
  • Warm jacket or additional jumper/fleece
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Thermal top/base layer shirt or additional T-shirt
  • Hat and gloves
  • Wash kit (towel, wet wipes, flannel, toothbrush etc.)
  • Spare walking trousers/tracksuit bottoms
  • Socks x 3
  • Spare underwear
  • T-shirt x2
  • Spare footwear/trainers
Optional equipment you may want to bring
  • Camera
  • Gopro or similar
What Kit you will be issued
  • Sleeping system including Shelter, sleeping bag and roll matt
  • Bergan/Rucksack
  • Rations/food
  • Whistle
  • Navigation equipment including compass, map
  • Head Torch
  • Cylumes
  • Water bottle
  • Cooking equipment
  • Waterproof note pad and pencil
  • Knife

£795.00 Per Person

When you submit a booking, you will be redirected to PayPal to pay a deposit of £100. A PayPal account is required to do this. The remaining balance must then be paid 14 days prior to the start of the course.



To learn how to plan, prepare, develop and implement an expedition to the far flung corners of the world or within your own national wilder areas. 


Thinking about joining the Army, Navy, Royal Marines or RAF? Thinking about joining the Police, the Fire Brigade or the Merchant Navy? Thinking about a career that makes a difference? The hardest thing about any career is getting started.


Our trips operates out of Dartmouth and use the beautiful Start bay as our playground.  We also run trips up and down the river Dart and can arrange a variety of pick up and drop off points

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