Our bespoke approach is specific to you as an individual, you as a member of a team, and your team’s role within your organisation.


We inspire purpose by establishing a robust yet adaptable command and control system within an organisation.  This is founded on developing  a clear strategy, effectively and efficiently implementing it and then constructively reviewing and improving it.


Our staff have successfully operated both in the military and within industry through an extensive variety of sectors.  We have combined this cross-industry/military experience, to work with business providing a service that produces robust core capabilities with the flexibility to identify, adapt and overcome from the Shop Floor to the Board Room.


Through coaching (and cajoling) we help them to align their organisation behind their strategy and build a more resilient, productive and efficient business. The result is transformative – in terms of morale, culture, operations and bottom line.


The Step Process


Step 1 We visit you

We need to gain a comprehensive understanding of the business, the staff, the leadership model in place, the threats and opportunities to the business at every level and the mindset within the staff structure.  It is for you to choose which sectors of operation within your business that you want us to concentrate on.


Step 2 Initial Review

This is not working to a generic template, we formulate a bespoke methodology that fits each client’s specific needs and wants. Our approach will be via a clear concise process of creating an achievable direction for the business and a working strategy for improvement.


Step 3 Training

You come to us where we will develop the direction and strategy identified in Step 2 at an individual and management level.  This is a testing exercise of dry running the strategy through inspiration and empowerment.  We will look at initiative, inventiveness, decision making, communication and verification.  Measurement of success, identifying failing and the development of contingencies ensuring a fast effective and productive response to crisis management and the maintenance of command and control.  The aim of this exercise is by removing your team members out of the box and presenting and testing them through a series of organisational and practical exercises, they will develop flexibility to continuously meet the demands placed on your business head on and achieve the optimum solution as far as is reasonably practicable.


Step 4 Measurement of Success

We come back to you and employ a multi-source assessment process together with other management audit techniques to measure the post training performance against the findings and requirements identified in Step 1.   We continue to work with you and advise on how the process should evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.  The result will be that clarity, communication, decision-making and team leadership have all strengthened, well founded and robust for the future. This will be evident at every level of the organisation, this will in turn lead to better productivity, a consistent motivated workforce, the nurturing of leadership from within.

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